The Digital Future

We create something that can withstand the test of time, something that at first follows the trends, but, after a short time, creates them.

All You need is One great Platform to manage everything, anywhere.


For us security comes first. It's your data... It's your business... Take back control! The solutions is the ultimate encrypted business/private hosting by NIA Group. Serverless P2P zero-knowledge architecture. We gives users total control over their keys.


Connect with friends and the world around You on our uncensored free platform. We do not care about politics or money. This place is free for everyone with disruptive encrypted addons. Stay tuned for something amazing in 2022. Freedom is being yourself without permission.


The plan is huge, but we have the hunger to make it happen. Our mission is to set a new standard of trust online. We take back the privacy, and give to customers the power that could be used for privacy and at the same time generate passive income to millions on the planet.


APP powered, on demand renting service provider for smart phones. We centralize the renting market with decentralized background to one platform. Our renting platform provide no deposit business model, with the innovative insurance solutions for international customers locally.


We are democratizing finance with technology. Banking can be different, we make transactions simple and seamless. The financial platform is an APP powered, financial service provider. We provide online/offline payment solutions for our customers in fiat and crypto as well.


Our platform is a private email service developed by the founder of NIA Group. We safeguard your data and email activity with state-of-the-art security and technology. We believe that your privacy is a basic human right worth fighting for, therefore we never read your e-mail.